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Apr. 5th, 2014 07:18 pm
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[There's not really much to pack, but he's doing it]
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[This time Eiji is hungover and stumbling around wearing Haruto's tight red pants and a normal short-sleeve black shirt.]
regretnooothing: (I went to my neighbours yard sale)
[There a hobo in his underwear, sitting at his campsite with what looks very much like three packs of Asahi, two hole backs done already. He is drunk, and you may approach.]
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continuations on mistletoe


Apr. 19th, 2013 10:06 pm
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Going on hiatus for a little while. If there are any questions or things you need me for, please email me. This extends to joe, ryuuichi, and rei.
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[After finally getting a hold of you, waiting where we agreed to meet]
regretnooothing: (Is it a trap or a trick?)
[Back on Halloween at dusk, there were two men that turned into a plastic monsters. These Godzilla rejects then proceeded to spit fire and ice at each other and all things around them. Go.]
regretnooothing: (suddenly I’m worried)

We'll do this the nice way first]
regretnooothing: (Don’t worry about what tomorrow brings)
[Picking up a pair of underwear and his phone charger. You know what this means]
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continuing! .. and new ones if you wish!
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[With his sanity and senses all gone, Eiji can be found raging and going berserk on anything that comes across his path. Should you be actually looking for him, he can be easily found if you follow the roars, randomly(and completely) froze items that shouldn't be frozen at all, blasts and random beams of purple light.]

((OOC: This will be an open and ongoing post while Eiji is still a full Greeed. Will last the the week should nothing happen to him before that))
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The sky was filled with many cell medals and a few purple medals which find their way to an dives straight into Eiji's back!

Some eight episodes flashing before his eyes, two purple medals, one-hundred-million cell medals, and a small explosion of purple and ice later . . . Eiji's just laying there awake, confused and kind of making his own crater.]
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[If at any point I thought that this was a good idea, I was lying to myself.]
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So, Eiji currently is at 1,113 comments! Yes. I know. It's sort of amazing.

This means you get to ask me anything~! This can include relationships, personal questions, his thoughts, my thoughts, OTP's, what underwear he has on right at this very moment, how many times so far has he stripped down, why I'm using the icon of his disturbing Rider Kick, ANYTHING!

The floor is yours.

Player Info

Aug. 6th, 2011 12:50 pm
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I am [personal profile] mist
I play Hino Eiji, Joe Gibken, Iwai Daigo, Ryuuichi, Rei-tachi

Contact Methods: [AIM] Punchhopping, [GCHAT] satiricalhavoc@gmail.com, [Plurk] Here, [mIRC] I'm usually in Eiji, Rio, or JoeGibken
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: I should have no issues! Just contact me and things should be cool
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I am cool with this 100%
Comfort Levels: I'm pretty okay with anything, but if you aren't sure you can message me
Concrit/OOC issues: Anything you want to tell me, I'm fine with
Goals: To be the best Hobo I can be and do him justice
Essays and Memes: None yet!
Beta-ing: Use my gchat~ I am willing to beta, help or just cheer on anyone
AU-ing: Oh my~
Final Comments: ... Nai
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